Special Projects

Initial Project Start February 2018:
We have been given the opportunity to create an impact in the life of a local woman in need and we are asking that you partner with us in our efforts to do so. She is a believer in Christ and has been praying that he will sustain her throughout these difficult times. She is humble and in awe of how God is showing compassion and stirring in people a desire to help her in any way they can.

We are looking for individuals, contractors, vendors, and businesses that would be willing to selflessly partner with us in any way they may feel led. Even the smallest donation will create an impact.

We are tasked with the demolition and removal of a condemned mobile home, and the remodel of a donated doublewide that will become her home. She has nothing and yet she is thankful for what God has done for her. She currently lives in a camper and has for the past 2 years without power or hot water.

We have already obtained the needed permits and have provided a temporary means of power to her camper. As the project progresses there will be a need for furniture and appliances and home furnishings in general, but at this stage, and due to limited storage areas, we are really seeking financial assistance, construction materials, knowledgeable tradesmen willing to offer their skills or even tradesman that would be willing to offer discounted services.

We know that God has given us this opportunity and we know that this is our biblical responsibility. Please partner with us in affecting life change for this woman living in our community.

We are excited to see the provisions that God makes as we offer ourselves in the manner for which he has called us,

September 2018:
I first want to say, that this has been a huge undertaking and we have struggled with timing issues. We had initially hoped that this would have been completed months ago. We have set a move in date of November 1st. That’s less than a month away and there is still so much to do. God has been gracious and continues to shine in every facet of this project. We all consider ourselves blessed to have been able to participate. So, let me take a few moments to bring you up to speed on where we are:

Demolition of the condemned trailer and the majority of the debris removal from that trailer was initiated almost immediately.

We had some roofing issues that postponed any other work for quite sometime

There were several issues to the exterior of the trailer that needed to be addressed: Rotten siding, missing trim, broken trim around windows. These issues had to be fixed before decks could be built.

Decks were built on the front and back.

Electrical- we installed hardwired and interconnected smoke detectors, replaced all GFCI devices, some new fixtures have been installed already and we had to run power from the panel to a new disconnect location on the back side of the trailer for the HVAC.

We had a “Clean Up” day, where we all took trucks and trailers, lawn mowers and weed eaters. We removed all old appliances, the kitchen cabinets, trash and debris from the inside of the trailer, old carpet, water damaged items and hauled them to the landfill (5 trailer loads). We cut the grass and cleaned up all of the excess building material.

The outside of the trailer has now been painted

Last week we picked up the cabinets that will be installed in the kitchen and interior repairs continue

We are having to cut up and replace several areas in the subfloor due to water damage.

What’s next:
Subfloor patching
Sheetrock repair in numerous areas
installing the kitchen cabinets
the gas line needs to be installed from the tank
interior paint
finish flooring
HVAC assessment and repair

I want to thank you all for your selfless donations, kind words of encouragement and prayers.