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As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of a professional electrician. If you have electrical needs, PicoVolt is here to assist. Our team of commercial professionals is licensed and insured. They are ready to tackle your electrical projects and get your problems solved.

PicoVolt LLC hires trustworthy professionals with high levels of integrity. Our collaborative nature allows our team to quickly and efficiently manage our customers’ needs. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Ready to power up your home or business? Contact us today at 770-462-1030 to schedule your appointment with our expert electricians.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a must for electrical systems. This is especially true for commercial systems due to the large landscape. Quickly identifying an issue during a maintenance inspection can save your business thousands of dollars and hours of downtime. Preventative maintenance also prolongs the life of your electrical system, giving you a high return on investment.

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& Renovation

Upgrades & Repairs

Having the correct lighting in a business is vital. You don’t want a store with low lighting, and customers can’t see the products you sell. PicoVolt LLC can help you with your lighting needs! We install and repair interior and exterior lighting to create the environment you want for your business.

New Construction

New construction projects need a new electrical system from scratch. A lot is involved in building an electrical system while meeting code requirements. PicoVolt LLC is well-versed in new construction builds. Allow us to help with your new business!

Renovation Projects

Renovations are a regular occurrence for businesses. It’s an essential element in maintaining a strong brand and atmosphere. PicoVolt LLC is experienced in residential and commercial renovations. We would be honored to help update your business!

& Switches


Did you know that not having enough outlets can cause your system to overload? We can help you ensure your commercial building has enough outlets. We install new ones and repair existing ones. This keeps your electrical system functioning properly.


Circuits are an important component of a commercial electrical system. They allow the electricity to flow where it is needed and only there. We install and repair circuits to ensure your business has what it needs.

Lighting Controls

PicoVolt LLC installs commercial switches and dimmers to allow you the control you need. Whether you need a dimmer setting to create ambiance or switches for bright lights, we can help. We install, repair, and manage indoor and outdoor lighting controls.

EV Charging,
Infrared Imaging,
& High-Voltage Work

EV Charging Stations

Your business may want an electric vehicle charging station located on the premises to create a new revenue stream. PicoVolt LLC installs and repairs these charging stations. We have an energy-efficient mindset and work hard to implement energy-saving solutions when possible.

Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging helps our technicians quickly identify electrical issues, such as overloaded circuits, high temperatures, faults, harmonics, and open circuits. We use it during inspections to review your system thoroughly. Contact us at 770-462-1030 to schedule an appointment.

High-Voltage Work

High-voltage work is incredibly dangerous if you are not a certified professional. It can cause damage to not only the person performing the work but also your property. Don’t risk it! Call PicoVolt LLC today for your high-voltage needs.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a 
Licensed Commercial Electrician?

Benefits of Hiring 
Our Expert Team

There are many benefits of hiring a commercial electrician in Villa Rica, GA. First, they are licensed and insured, so you know you’ll get quality services. Second, they have the expertise you need to meet regulatory codes. See more below:

Breakdown Prevention

Regularly working with a commercial electrician can prevent electrical breakdowns in your building and the resulting loss of valuable business time and money. They can conduct inspections and make repairs or replacements to keep your system running smoothly.

Safe Electrical Wiring

 Commercial electricians are knowledgeable about the various building codes for different industries and can help meet these requirements efficiently, saving time and money. Meeting building codes also ensures a safe environment for customers and employees.

Peace of Mind

Investing in a commercial electrician in Villa Rica, GA gives you peace of mind. Our electricians are licensed and insured in commercial electrical work. 


Georgia's commercial building codes, including electrical requirements, can overwhelm business owners. Hiring a commercial electrician can ease that stress by ensuring compliance with the codes and keeping your business running smoothly.


Commercial electricians can save your business from costly consequences, like redoing projects or replacing outdated materials, caused by improper electrical work. By getting the job done correctly the first time, they can help you avoid expensive repairs or redos that may result from non-professional work.

High-Quality Guarantee

Hiring a commercial electrician means you get a guarantee on the work completed. If something isn’t working correctly, you don’t have to shell out more money to resolve it. However, this isn’t an issue when you work with PicoVolt LLC. Our teams work tirelessly to make sure your electrical needs are met the first time.

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Our customers consistently leave positive reviews, and we have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Angi's List. We manage each project with communication and a dedication to excellence. Allow us to work with you on your electrical needs today!

Experienced Technicians Available

Founded in 2014, the PicoVolt LLC owners have years of experience in commercial and residential electrical services. No matter the commercial property, our certified and licensed electricians can help. Contact us at 770-462-1030 today.

We Aim to Exceed Your Expectations

PicoVolt LLC provides above-standard services that exceed customer expectations. We remain open and honest in each interaction to facilitate trust in our company. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority.

Quality Electrical Services

The team at PicoVolt provides high-quality electrical services for residential and commercial customers. Our customers have our undivided attention, no matter how big or small the project is. Each relationship is important to us.

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  • 5-star reviews on google

    "Our company has used PicoVolt on several occasions for residential electrician needs and we have been very pleased with the work that they have provided. We have found them to be extremely responsive and their pricing to be fair. We will continue to use them for all of our future needs and would highly recommend their services."

    Property Managment Unlimited

  • 5-star reviews on google

    "The level of professionalism and customer service is on a whole new level! I have an older house, and I had an obsolete electrical panel that could have caught fire at any time. Kevin the PM, was very understanding of my frustration and reassured me of my options. They came that day and worked overtime to put in a whole new panel... I keep them on speed dial. Great company!"

    - Ellis Family

  • 5-star reviews on google

    "PicoVolt has done good work for me in the past, so they were the first number I called when I had a problem in my new home. I called PicoVolt to schedule an electrician to come take a look at my problem, and they called me back the same day and helped me fix my problem over the phone! Anyone that puts customer satisfaction over profitability gets 5 stars in my book."

    - Brian Buckleman

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