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The average person spends more than $6,000 every year just on home maintenance. This doesn't even include fixing or replacing things that break. A smart way to save money is to fix or replace parts of your home before they completely wear out.

At PicoVolt Electrical Contractors, we're here to help you avoid unexpected and expensive problems. We've put together a handy list of repair and upkeep tips for each season. Following these tips at the right time of year can keep your home in great shape and ready for anything, all year round.

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Spring is a time of rejuvenation and excitement as the earth blooms and reawakens. This season is a popular one for most homeowners to complete various projects, including the following:

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Many people spend the spring and summer months outside, so this is the perfect time to get outdoor lighting installed. Whether you want to enhance garden aesthetics with landscape lighting or get plugs installed for those cookouts and parties, we can help!

Solar Panel Maintenance

Do you have solar panels? Did you know that after the winter months, they need cleaning for optimal usage? PicoVolt Electrical Contractors offers maintenance services to clean and evaluate your solar panels after a harsh winter to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Irrigation System Wiring

Healthy grass is a must! Sprinkler systems, however, do require electrical components to work correctly. PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can install and maintain irrigation systems to verify your sprinklers work properly.

Storm Surge Protection

Spring and summer seasons come with many storms, which can cause electrical surges. At PicoVolt, we can install surge protection systems in your home to prevent costly damages during these weather events. Don’t let a big storm damage your electrical system, call us today!

Air Conditioning Wiring

Servicing your HVAC unit in spring and fall ensures it functions properly all year long. Georgia summers are often hot and humid, so a properly working air conditioning unit is a must! PicoVolt can evaluate your existing HVAC unit or install new AC wiring to keep you cool all summer long.

Pool and Spa Wiring

If you have a pool or hot tub, PicoVolt can set up the electrical components for you. Electrical systems and water do not play well together. We’ll ensure all electrical components are installed safely, including the pool pumps, heaters, and lights.


Everyone loves to be outside during summer, but Georgia summers can be brutal. At PicoVolt, we can help you improve your home to make them more bearable and enjoyable. Read more about our offerings below:

Air Conditioning Electrical Repair

Many people spend the spring and summer months outside, so this is the perfect time to get outdoor lighting installed. Whether you want to enhance garden aesthetics with landscape lighting or get plugs installed for those cookouts and parties, we can help!

Pool Pump and Lighting Repair

Is your pool acting up? Maybe the pump isn’t pumping correctly or the lights have gone out. Whatever your pool electrical issue, PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can assist. Contact us today to schedule your summer pool repairs at 770-462-1030!

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Do you have an electric vehicle and need a closer charging station? Have you considered installing one at your home or business? PicoVolt Electrical Contractors install, maintain, and repair electric vehicle charging stations, so contact us to get your service scheduled.

Outdoor Entertainment System Setup

Do you have a nice outdoor space and want to ramp up the entertainment? PicoVolt can install and wire outdoor TVs, speakers, and entertainment systems. Make your home the place to be all summer long with these positive home improvements.

Solar Panel Optimization

Sometimes solar panels need adjusting to maximize sun exposure during the summer months. PicoVolt Electrical Contractors are well-versed in solar panel optimization and can help you do this! Make the most of your solar panels with this service.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Proper air circulation is a must in the summer months! At PicoVolt Electrical Contractors, we have the knowledge you need to install or repair ceiling fans to promote air circulation in your home or outdoor space.


While most homeowners tackle home projects in spring and summer, fall is actually a great time to do them, too! Even though it is considered the “off-season,” you can get just as much done in the cooler months as you can in the warmer ones.

Heating System Wiring and Repair

Fall is a great time to evaluate your heating system for the coming winter months. We service HVACs or install new heating systems. PicoVolt is here for your electrical needs, so allow us to assist you in preparing for the winter months.

Home Energy Audit

Winter months can be hard on electric bills. Did you know you can have an energy efficiency audit performed? At PicoVolt Electrical Contractors, we’ll evaluate your home and recommend energy efficiency changes to save your wallet during the cold months.

Home Generator Setup

A snow or ice storm can knock out electricity for days, which can be dangerous in winter months. If you have a generator or want to install one before it gets too cold, PicoVolt can help! A generator can ensure you can still function in the event of a major winter storm.

Thermostat Installation/Service

Did you know a smart thermostat can improve heating energy efficiency? If you don’t have one, or you need servicing, we can assist! PicoVolt Electrical Contractors installs and maintains many types of smart home devices to improve energy efficiency.

Outdoor Camera Wiring

Do you need an outdoor security system? PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can help! We install, maintain, and repair security cameras to keep your family and property safe.

Deck and Patio Heating Systems

Do you want to keep using your patio or deck in the colder months? Have you considered installing an outdoor heating system? PicoVolt Electrical Systems can keep your outside space warm in even the coldest weather so you can enjoy your area all year long.


Most homeowners don’t do maintenance during winter, but unfortunately, things still pop up. PicoVolt Electrical Contractors offers all services in winter to help with your needs. Some of the most common services we see in the winter months include the following:

Power Outage Response

A winter storm can wreak havoc on electrical systems! If you’re without power and need our help, we offer quick service during winter storms. We want to ensure our customers stay warm and safe during harsh weather conditions.

Hot Tub Wiring

Did you decide to install a hot tub because of the killer sales in the off months? We get it. PicoVolt wants to make sure it’s installed safely, so call us to wire your new hot tub! Remember, water and electrical systems do not play well with each other.

Holiday Lighting Installation

Do you want to have the most spectacular holiday lights in town? Do you need assistance hanging those hard-to-reach lights? PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can help! We can service, repair, and hang holiday lights throughout the season.

Electric Fireplace Installation

Do you have an electric fireplace? Or perhaps you want one installed to help with heating your home. Whatever the need, PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can help! We install, maintain, and repair electric fireplaces.

Insulation and Heating Efficiency Checks

Is your electrical system insulated correctly? Did you know it can save you money and reduce energy usage to ensure it is set up correctly? PicoVolt can evaluate your electrical insulation to maximize your energy savings.

Steady Power Units

Do you want to maximize your power usage and reduce electric bills throughout the year? Have you installed a steady power unit? PicoVolt Electrical Contractors can install these units to measure your energy efficiency and optimize usage.

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